Local marketing abroad

We will set up local comparators of goods and advertising campaigns for you

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We will provide you marketing to these countries

How does local marketing work

Starting an e-shop is the easier part - but each mutation needs the support of local paid marketing. If you don't want to invest heavily from the very beginning or if you don't have an internal marketing specialist, we will be happy to help.


Set up a budget

We'll set an initial budget for your ad campaigns and create them.


Run PPC campaigns

We gradually optimize the expenses for the required PNO.


Evaluation and improvement

We report campaign results on a monthly basis and add additional channels if needed.

Our service is suitable for verification of marketing channels and maintenance of a certain volume of turnover. From the amount of investments over 1 900 EUR / month, we cooperate with local agencies.

Invest where it pays off

We come up with the solution that will save you a lot of time and money - we can provide local marketing for all countries to which we offer expansion.

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