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The UK has one of the most advanced and dynamic eCommerce markets in the world. People buy wide range of goods and services on the internet, mobile shopping is very popular. Market competition is very tough due to its technological maturity, high penetration and solvency. The strongest player on british market is Amazon, where you can try sales with our EXPANDO APP.


65.5 million

Internet access

96 %

Number of e-shops

111 000

Market growth compared to 2018

12 %

Annual turnover

EUR 200 billion

📦 we will help you deliver the package on time and quickly in the UK. In case of return, we will provide a local address.

How to expand into the UK

With e-shop

Huge market
High standard of living
English language
Huge competition
More expensive and longer shipping time
Non-EU country

With Amazon

No e-shop required
Amazon has a large market share
Amazon volatility (verification)
Strict conditions on the speed of shipment

Who do we cooperate with

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Royal Mail

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"We are slowly building our own brand without wasting extra investments, time or energy."

Dominik Tomaszewski (owner)

British e-shop Willsoor

Services needed to expand on the UK market: