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We will create a fully localized Austrian e-shop for you and help you with the expansion on Amazon

The Austrian market is very similar to the German one - customers are willing to pay extra for quality. Trust in the brand also plays an important role in decision-making. eCommerce in Austria affects international players. Large companies, such as Amazon, generate up to 55% of customers' online spendings. You can try out selling on Amazon with our EXPANDO APP.


8.7 million

Internet access

79 %

Number of e-shops

18 300

Market growth compared to 2018

17 %

Annual turnover

€4.2 billion

📦 we will help you deliver the package on time and quickly in Austria. In case of return, we will provide a local address.

How to expand into Austria

With e-shop

Growing market
High standard of living
Affordable transport prices
Different market
We recommend having a native German speaker
Main player = Amazon

With Amazon

No e-shop required
Reach millions of customers
Everything within the German Amazon
Amazon volatility (verification)
Strict conditions on the speed of shipment
Unable to use e-mail marketing

Who do we cooperate with

Payment gateways



GP webpay

Price comparators





Who cooperates with us

"I can't praise EXPANDO enough. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. With their help I am able to fully focus on what products to sell. Finding new customers is no longer up to me."

Roman Wytrzens (owner)

Austrian e-shop MetalShop

Services required to expand on the Austrian market: