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Germany is an economic giant with a very successful eCommerce market - it is the sixth largest market in the world. Online shopping regularly grows year after year (last year by 14%). German customers demand speed and quality. They are sceptical about foreign trade, so it is important to ensure quality translations. The most influential player in Germany is Amazon, where you can try out sales with our EXPANDO APP.


81.9 million

Internet access

91 %

Number of e-shops

177 000

Market growth compared to 2018

14 %

Annual turnover

EUR 59 billion

📦 we will help you deliver the package on time and quickly in Germany. In case of return, we will provide a local address.

How to expand into Germany

With e-shop

Large market
Speed of transport
High standard of living
Less trust in e-shops
Oversaturated market and strict legal conditions
Larger investment in the beginning

With Amazon

First sales in just a few weeks
50% of Germans start buying on Amazon
Smaller initial investments
Amazon verification and blocking
Unable to use e-mail marketing
More competition and price pressure

Who do we cooperate with

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Deutsche Post


Who cooperates with us

"I can't praise EXPANDO enough. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. With their help I am able to fully focus on what products to sell. Finding new customers is no longer up to me."

Roman Wytrzens (owner)

German e-shop MetalShop

Services required to expand on the German market: