Manage products and orders on marketplaces from one place

We develop software to automate sales

Expando app can automatically flip products from your XML feed to Amazon and synchronize prices, warehouses and orders in real time. It's easy and fast!

Simply connect any product feed and our APP will ensure that your products are immediately displayed to millions of new customers.

What are the features and benefits of our app?

Listing and pairing

Automatic listing and pairing (for Amazon) products saves you time and money. 

Synchronization of warehouses and prices

Inventory and price synchronization takes place completely automatically every hour.

Order overview

An overview of orders in one place makes it easy to manage and ship them.

Overview of the competition

You have an overview of the competition and you can set up pricing and change rates at any time.


You have 24/7 overview of everything thanks to extensive reporting, notifications and dashboards.


We provide you with detailed information about sales, specific countries, best-selling products and their prices.

What can our EXPANDO APP do?

Product listing

Synchronize warehouses

Edit prices

Manage orders



Would you like to sell really actively?

In addition to software for synchronizing warehouses and orders, we also offer active work on the account supervised by our experts.

These services are suitable for larger companies that can invest thousands of EUR.

We offer 30 days to try for free

Try our app for 30 days free of charge, including our support. We will be happy to help you with any problem that may occur during your expansion journey.

Try it for free

Login: demo@expando.demo
Password: expandodemo

How to start?

Just attach the product data and everything else is up to us!

How much does expando app cost per month for individual marketplaces?

Our prices are flexible and depend on how fast you decide to expand.

78 EUR
+ 0.9% transaction fee

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78 EUR
+ 0.9% transaction fee

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+ 30 %
from increased prices

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