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We will create a fully localized Slovak e-shop for you and help you with the expansion on MALL

Slovakia is our closest partner and the expansion there should be a matter of course for Czech e-shops. Apart from different currency (€) there are not many differences for czechs. Neither translations nor customer support will be a problem. Slovaks like to shop in Czech e-shops - after all, the two largest e-shops in Slovakia are from the Czech Republic! Slovak eCommerce is only about one-fifth of the size of Czech one, but it is growing at a rate of 17% per year.


5.4 million

Internet access

89 %

Number of e-shops

10 300

Market growth compared to 2018

17 %

Annual turnover

EUR 860 million

Shopping abroad

46 %

How to expand to Slovakia

With e-shop

Very similar eCommerce
Customer support might be in Czech language
Low price and a speed of transport
Dominant Google
Already occupied market
Competition from the Czech Republic

With Mall marketplace

Reach millions of customers
No e-shop required
E-shop might be a competition
Limited ways of transportation

Who do we cooperate with

Payment gateways

Cash on delivery (41 %)

Transfer (25 %)

Card (17 %)

E-wallet (8 %)

Price comparators





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Who is expanding with us to Slovakia?

"The Czech and Slovak markets have become important for us. We are slowly building our brand without wasting our own investment, time or energy."

Dominik Tomaszewski (owner)

Slovak e-shop Willsoor

Services necessary for expansion on the Slovak market: