Product translations for e-shops

Translations of e-shop products and texts with the EXPANDO translator

One of the most common obstacles to foreign expansion is the cost of translating products. We can automatically translate your products directly from your product feed at minimal cost.

Do you need a quality translation by a native speaker? By analyzing the text, we can eliminate repeating phrases and thus translate only unique text. The overall translation will thus come out very conveniently.  

We offer 2 levels of translations

Translation of Economy

Automatic translation, which is enriched with the history of our translations. You can choose between automatic Translation google translate or Deepl. Expando Translator will automatically translate new products for you, plus you will get clear statistics of all your translations and you can manually correct any imperfect translation yourself.

Translation of Business

Automatic translation is corrected by our native speaker. Choosing a suitable translator with regard to the nature of your goods. Only unique phrases are translated (a number of sentences and text are repeated in the products, so we will only have the native speakers translate unique text).

Are you interested in how we do translations?  Read the article on our Blog!

How do we do it?

Based on your product feed, we estimate the complexity of translations.

Automatic translation

We will translate the desired products from your product feed. You have a choice between two translation tools - Deepl or Google translate depending on which language the translation is better in.
In addition, expando translator also has:
- automatic translation of new products
- clear translation statistics (word/sentence counts, listing and frequency of words/phrases)
- possibility to easily correct any imperfect automatic translation
- custom dictionary

Translation by native speakers and unique text

Do you really want a quality translation and do not have your own translators? Thanks to a thorough analysis of the text, our translators translate only unique text.  After the translation itself, the texts are returned to their original context and possibly stylistically corrected. You can select specific categories/brands/products for translation with respect to your budget. It is up to you how high-quality text you need and how many products should apply.  

We canautomatically translate new products that you will add to your portfolio in the future or process them once as you specify.

How much does it cost?

1 CZK / 1000 characters
One-time translation
from xml feed

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CZK 1,490 / month
překlad 10 produktů zdarma

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2 CZK / word
Translation of unique phrases by translator

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How do we send you the data?

We will give you translations in Excel or xml feed. As part of expando translator app, we will activate an xml feed, which will include translations with all new products.

We can export with translations to Heureka or Mall feed so that you can use them for sale as soon as possible.

Automatic feed

One-time feed


EXPANDO TRANSLATOR APP - are you looking for a solution for managing translations for your e-shop? Write to us!

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