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The expansion into the Ukrainian eCommerce market is a great choice for online sellers focused on growth. eCommerce has been developing steadily in Ukraine since 2015. The rocketing growth of eCommerce stopped at 23% last year, but it is expected to grow further in the coming years. You will find the biggest similarity with the Czech market in the popularity of cash on delivery. Mobile shopping is also very popular.


43.1 million

Internet access

64 %

Number of e-shops

69 300

Market growth compared to 2018

31 %

Annual turnover

€1.3 billion

How to expand into Ukraine

With e-shop

Great potential
Several Czech e-shops are already there
Ukrainians are craving for goods from the West
The country is at war (availability)
Problems with transport outside the EU

With marketplace

We are preparing the possibility of expansion through the marketplace.

Who do we cooperate with

Payment gateways




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Who cooperates with us

"I can't praise EXPANDO enough. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. With their help I am able to fully focus on what products to sell. Finding new customers is no longer up to me."

Roman Wytrzens (owner)

Ukrainian e-shop MetalShop

Services necessary for expansion on the Ukrainian market: