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You can expand to the largest e-shop in the world without the need to do (almost) anything extra...

USA has the most advanced ecommerce market in the world, representing the global standard. Many large American companies dominate in other countries, setting the pace and creating trends that shape ecommerce globally. The market is very developed, mature and saturated, so it is no wonder that competition is enormous and tough. The U.S. market is dominated by the big global players, ruled by Amazon. Try selling on Amazon with our EXPANDO APP.

📦 we will help you deliver the package on time and quickly in the USA. In case of return, we will provide a local address.

Why Amazon USA?

8x larger than Amazon.de

Amazon is a huge sensation in the USA and the European market can't compare with it. Even a small market share is a huge number for a Czech seller.

Transport is not a problem

In cooperation with our transport partner, we can offer acceptable transport from the Czech Republic. The standard package should cost around $10 and delivery time is around a week.

Linking to an EU account

US account registration can be linked to your EU account for easier payments and billing.

Sales excluding VAT

Since selling to the U.S. is a so-called sale to a third country, you do not pay customs and VAT from these orders, which means you have a bigger profit (valid up to a certain amount of USD). Amazon will select and pay the local "sales tax" for you according to the state or county where you sell the goods. You can solve america's complex tax system just in a few clicks.

Every fourth order is outside the U.S.

Amazon.com has crossed the U.S. borders and is a strong e-shop in countries like Russia, Mexico, and China. Set up shipping and you can start selling worldwide.

For our existing EU retailers

We need 3 things from you to get your sales started in the U.S. We'll take care of the rest:

☝️ Color Passport Scan

eventually ID card, but passport is better

☝️ Carrier to the USA

we can recommend you a verified carrier

☝️ Last bank statement in english

Top 10 ecommerce retailers in the USA

percentage of total sales in 2019

Amazon 47%

eBay 6.1%

Walmart 4.6%

Apple 3.8%

Home Depot 1.7%

Costco 1.3%

Wayfair 1.3%

Qurate 1.3%

Best Buy 1.3%

Macy's 1.2%

When expanding into the U.S., Amazon cannot be ignored. Source: eMarketer

Start on american Amazon

Price for our partners

716 EUR excluding VAT
I want to expand into the U.S.

Any questions? Ask us.

We will be happy to hear from you and discuss the possibilities in person.

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Why sell on Amazon?

Orders per second worldwide


Online in the US

50 %

Sales on Amazon will grow within 4 years


Customers prefer Amazon


Amazon's local countries


Retailers around the world

3 mil.

How do we help expand into the USA?

1. Creating an account and its verification

Amazon is currently blocking all EU registrations, so leave verification to us.

2. Pairing existing products

Your feed, which we use as a source of products for Europe, is enough for the USA.

3. Listing new products

We list and optimize unique products, including translation.

4. Account and shipping settings

Together with our partners, we will offer the best transport and return solutions from the USA.

5. Customer support and refunds

We take care of customer support as you know it from our current cooperation.

6. Amazon FBA

We will help you get the first products into FBA in the USA. Stocks in EU cannot be used.

7. Brand registers USA

We will transfer the benefits of EU brand owners to the USA without the need for a new trademark.

8. Orders in EXPANDO APP

In EXPANDO APP, orders from the USA do not differ from others, e.g. from Germany (API, XML).

Expand with e-shop

Building your own brand
English e-shop works globally
More expensive transport and longer delivery time
Higher costs with returned goods

Expand with Amazon

Much better support than in Europe
Dominant position
Take advantage of trust in Amazon
You're not building your own brand
More complex verification
Need for 100% filling