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Spain has dealt with a major financial crisis in the last decade, however in eCommerce it has been barely noticeable. Due to the fact that the Spanish market is relatively developed with high penetration and good solvency, the competition is relatively intense. The Spanish market is dominated by Amazon, where you can try selling with our EXPANDO APP.


46.6 million

Internet access

68 %

Number of e-shops

85 000

Market growth compared to 2018

20 %

Annual turnover

€27.9 billion

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How to expand into Spain

With Amazon

Developed economy
Reach millions of customers
Payment in €
You're not building your own brand
Occasional outages (verification, etc.)
Amazon's strictness on traffic speed

Who cooperates with us

"I can't praise EXPANDO enough. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. With their help I am able to fully focus on what products to sell. Finding new customers is no longer up to me."

Roman Wytrzens (owner)

Spanish e-shop MetalShop

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