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We will create a fully localized Croatian e-shop for you and help you with the expansion on MALL

E-commerce in Croatia shows high values. The frequency of online shopping is constantly increasing, however almost half of the shoppers are worried about misuse of personal data and do not like to pay by card online. As in the Czech Republic, cash on delivery is very popular in Croatia. The vast majority of consumers use graders. Price plays a primary role in decision-making. Be among the first to make a more significant steps on this attractive market, whether with an e-shop or with a Mall marketplace.


4.3 million

Internet access

67 %

Number of e-shops

5 100

Market growth compared to 2018

14 %

Annual turnover

EUR 450 million

How to expand into Croatia

Let's expand to one of the most interesting and fast-growing markets in Europe.

With e-shop

Less competition
Markets of the European Union
Still a small market
Shopping abroad is very popular

With Marketplace

Availability to Mall customers
Can be entered earlier than with e-shop
Possible competition to your own e-shop
We recommend to expand into Croatia when you are ready to invest thousands of EUR. Expansion into these countries is significantly more expensive.

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"I can't praise EXPANDO enough. Without them we wouldn't be where we are now. With their help I am able to fully focus on what products to sell. Finding new customers is no longer up to me."

Roman Wytrzens (owner)

Croatian e-shop MetalShop

Services required to expand on the Croatian market: