Customer support

Take care of a new clients from abroad with EXPANDO customer support

How does our customer support work

How to communicate with customers from all over the world? Whether you sell through Amazon or the e-shop, you need to provide quality customer support as well as a local return address. You'll probably calculate for yourself how hard it would be to have your own people to do it.

Communication with Amazon customers has its specifics. For example, did you know that you have to answer a question in French in French within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays?

📦 we will help you deliver the package on time and quickly. In case of return, we will provide a local address.

Establish rules

First, we will set the rules with your customer support.

Communication with customers

Answers to questions in the local language (Amazon condition).

Comprehensive management

We solve all markets at once:


Response time within 24 hours (Amazon judges resellers based on response speed).

Return orders and local addresses

Processing of refunds, provision of local warehouse, including transport back to the Czech Republic.


Communication regarding reviews and monitoring of customer support metrics.

How much does customer support cost?

3 900,-
up to 40 tickets

I'm interested
5 900,-
up to 100 tickets

I'm interested
11 900,-
up to 200

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If the LARGE tariff is exceeded, the price is determined on a per-case standard.

In addition to the price of customer support, we offer return management with foreign addresses for 2,5 EUR / return.

Support for a fraction of the cost

This will give you customer care for a fraction of the costs you would incurred yourself. You allow customers to communicate in their native language and return packages in their country.

Everything takes place via e-mail, on weekends we provide answers in the form of an automatic message, but for e-shops we also offer the possibility of telephone support for an additional fee.

We provide customer support service in 9 countries