Become a member of EXPANDO as AN AMAZON EXPERT

At EXPANDO, we help dozens of Czech companies expand into global markets. We are constantly growing and we are successful because we enjoy constantly learning.

We are currently looking for another reinforcement to the team, who enjoy working with Amazon as much as we do.

Who are we looking for?

Someone who is not afraid to constantly learn and is looking for new challenges. He is attracted by the development of ecommerce throughout Europe and the world.

He must know English, write quickly and nicely and speak clearly. He'll learn everything else.

What do we enjoy?

Communication, innovation, growth and fun. We like to maintain good relationships with our clients and try to focus on selling and expanding as much as possible to other countries - such as Japan or Mexico.

Every month we go over together how we have moved forward and what the company plans to do next. If someone is breathing for the company, they can buy part of EXPANDO.

What would you do?

For joint success, it is necessary...


Communicate with clients on a daily basis.

Manage accounts

Take care of their sales accounts.


Flip through products, provide translations.


Offer new expansion opportunities.


Take the dog to the client for a manicutra (we're testing to see if you're reading it).

How much do you make?

Everyone on the Amazon expert team has clear and transparent remuneration. They start with a fixed monthly reward (CZK 25,000) and from the 3rd month they receive 10% of the clients they care about.

The growth of their reward depends only on them, the best of us earn more than CZK 100,000 per month!

How are you going to learn all this?

In the first few weeks, you get a mentor who goes through everything step by step with you. Then you start working independently on the first clients. So far, with the support of team members. Vojta, Marian or Adam are always on hand. And if you like self-study - we have a lot of articles and our own knowledge base!

When you're ready, we'll hold you accountable for your first clients. There will be more of them. After three months, you will be fully in the team and business!

Who are you going to work with?


He may be strict, but he'll move you a lot.


It will take away your enthusiasm and advise you on how to manage accounts.


They'll teach you how and what to sell.


The founder of the company is constantly coming up with new improvements!


He'll make sure you don't miss anything at work and count your rewards. 🙂


It constantly improves our application so that clients sell more.