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Aktuálně hledáme do teamu další posilu, kterou baví pracovat s Amazonem jako nás. Hledáme někoho, kdo se nebojí neustále se učit, a hledá nové výzvy. Láká ho rozvoj ecommerce po celé Evropě i světě.

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Are you a passionate player and love e-commerce? Then maybe we're looking for you. Check out our open positions and let's discuss cooperation options together.


Junior specialist of e-shop integration on the Mall

How do we imagine you?

  • Communicative personality - you will act and communicate with the owners of e-shops.
  • You should enjoy working with Excel and Google apps.
  • Knowledge of working with xml feeds an advantage.
  • Diligence, autonomy, reliability (must have).
  • You can speak English (in both word and typeface) on a very good level.
  • The desire to learn and improvise.

Finance administrator in EXPANDO

What are you going to be in charge of?

  • Work with financial and accounting data.
  • Cooperation with suppliers, banks and authorities.
  • Responsibility for corporate cash flow.
  • Cooperation with the CEO on financial planning and reporting.
  • Setting up internal systems and processes.
  • Regular analysis and evaluation of data within the company's operation.
  • Identification of possible problems and inefficiencies within the company and their solutions/elimination.
  • Preparation of the company for external financing in the form of an investor.
Customer support in EXPANDO

What do we expect from you?

  • Experience with customer support (not a condition).
  • A pro-ban approach and determination to perform at maximum performance and something more in the performance of tasks.
  • You should get along with both Excel and Google apps.
  • Good speech in both word and font.
  • Think strategically, creatively and independently.
  • Good organizational skills and communication skills.
  • Diligence.
  • Knowledge of at least English at B2 level, German a great advantage.
Student internship

What are you going to do?

  • prepare documents for proper promotion of products
  • upload products to global marketplaces
  • troubleshoot technical issues with marketplaces support
  • perform marketing analyses
  • improve product profiles
  • analyze campaign effectiveness
AMAZON administrator

What do we expect from you?

  • Good knowledge of Excel and Google apps.
  • Be close to modern technologies and online sales.
  • Language skills (min. English).
  • Attention to detail and diligence.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • The desire to learn and improvise.
  • Result orientation and perseverance in finding solutions and complete tasks.
Amazon PPC Specialist

We are looking for a colleague among us to help us manage PPC campaigns on Amazon.

Are you interested in ecommerce and are you the analytical type?
You're going to operate on the big budgets we need to turn into orders, and that takes responsibility. You may be able to sell interesting products that we want to make the most of on Amazon.

You have experience with projects and you're good with reports? We would like to have a person among us who is motivated by success and wants to learn something new all the time.

Join us and help us develop our clients on one of the largest ecommerce platform that sets trends!

AMAZON expert

You will manage and realize the expansion of Czech e-shops on amazon's global marketplace. You organize projects and oversee tasks and deadlines. You will communicate with our clients and also with Amazon.

What do we expect from you?

  • Be close to modern technologies and online sales.
  • Communication and innovation.
  • The desire to learn and improvise.
  • Written and communicative speech at the level.
  • To be able to take responsibility for the success of a client.
  • You should get along with Excel and Google apps and speak English (word and font) at a very good level.
Junior ECOMMERCE e-shop expert

What do we expect from you?

  • help within the team of colleagues for the expansion of eshops
  • #interakci of communicativeness (with clients and foreign colleagues )
  • English at a good level ( min. B1 )
  • good knowledge of PC
  • diligence, autonomy and reliability
  • ability to move #grow
  • experience in ecommerce and online projects welcomed
  • ability to communicate well in writing, to express ourselves clearly to our clients, to build trust in our services

Join us and help us develop our clients on one of the largest ecommerce platform that sets trends!

ECOMMERCE e-shop expert

What do we expect from you?

  • help our eshop expansion team
  • very good English language (spoken and written form)
  • knowledge of other languages (Polish, Slovak, German) an advantage
  • diligence, autonomy and reliability
  • experience in ecommerce, online projects or as a project manager
  • standalone troubleshooting approach
  • ability to create and write processes
  • good communication and ability to guide people
  • advanced knowledge of Google Apps and especially Google Spreadheet (Excel)

Join us and help us develop our clients on one of the largest ecommerce platforms that sets trends.


Junior sales assistant

What do we imagine you can do?

  • you have a basic knowledge of the business process and are interested in ecommerce
  • pro-client approach and determination to perform as much as possible in the performance of tasks
  • you are responsible for your work, a high degree of freedom in EXPANDO is also a responsibility
  • you should get along with Excel and Google apps
  • you perform well and communicate well
  • you improvise, sometimes things just aren't on schedule
  • common things like AJ, controlling online tools, coffee machine, etc. :)

Sales representative for Amazon

What do we expect from you?

  • helping David who is in daily contact with our future partners
  • handling of inquiries, there is a lot of interest in marketplaces and we hear from potential partners daily
  • solve the daily sales agenda (Pipedrive is our bread)
  • find with us new interesting companies that can assert themselves abroad
  • address companies, both tradition and unconventionally (there are no limits to imagination)
  • conclude trades and establish long-term cooperation with clients with interesting clients


Marketplace expert for Allegro

We are looking for a person who has experienced working on the Polish market (and other marketplaces) and wants to help our clients expand through a new sales channel. The Polish market is the sixth largest in the EU with a population of 38.7 million and an annual e-commerce turnover of EUR 9 billion, and it represents huge potential for Czech e-shops.

And the job description? You will organize projects, oversee tasks and deadlines and be in constant touch with our clients and Allegro support.

Marketplace expert for #POLAND

Your role as an Expert:

  • Once we sign your first client, you look after them and get 10% from what client pays us
  • You work in tandem with our Prague expert (yes, 2 people always tend to one client)

Your agenda as our Marketplace Expert for Poland:

  • Get new clients with the help of our Sales
  • Manage your client accounts
  • Help clients sell on new marketplaces (Amazon etc.)
  • List products, connect feeds, translate content and help with other supporting activities
  • Advise, draft and evaluate results and strategies
  • Study and learn continuously
Legal assistant for international e-commerce

We are looking for a colleague - a law student or associate (tku) for external cooperation (or part-time). Someone who enjoys law and can cover the legal aspects of e-commerce expansion and marketplaces at the same time.

What will be your job?

  • creation of instructions and terms and conditions for e-shops
  • monitoring news in this area (not only consumer and e-commerce)
  • studying the conditions of global marketplaces such as Amazon
  • communication with Amazon and our clients


Senior Recruiter & HR Manager at EXPANDO

We are looking for a person who enjoys not only hiring technical and non-technical positions, but also the world of e-commerce and startup environment.

We'll be thrilled if you have:

  • Sincere interest in IT
  • Experience with active IT and non-IT position search
  • Technical knowledge with tools such as CRM, LinkedIn, Jobs and more
  • The desire to test and implement new technologies that HR and recruitment offer


Senior Developer in EXPANDO

Who are we looking for:

  • Frontend developer experienced in TypeScript.
  • Backend developer fluent in either of TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Go, Python, PHP.
  • Fullstack developer able to work in any combination.

What do we offer?

  • We don’t play top management and we talk directly to each other.
  • Quick and incremental iterations.
  • Focus at one thing at the time.
  • Possibility to work remotely or from a Prague office.
  • Direct contact with the business and direct influence on the success of the product.
  • Contract or HPP.
  • Revenue share.
Senior Fullstack Developer in EXPANDO

Here's what it looks like at DEVU:
We write code in TypeScript, deploy on Herok, data in Mongo, logos in Kibbana, ci tests.

Slowly but surely, the refactor on microsevices is running. We work in weekly sprints on other functionalities and technical things and optimization. We are looking for another developer who has already been through several projects and wants to join a team of four senior colleagues.

You've been working for a year and have a knowledge of the following languages:

  • TypeSciptu
  • Reactu
  • Node.js


We just want to introduce you to the possibilities of expansion and possible cooperation. All the decisions are up to you.

Learn about expansion options
We will introduce you to our products
We inform you about the possibilities of cooperation
We will introduce you to the course of expansion

Cross the line!

We have a place for both fresh graduates and experienced seniors. Feel free to contact us even if you are looking for a part-time job, part-time job or internship, even if you can not find the right one in the list of listed positions.


Are you fresh out of school looking for practice? Try an internship with us at EXPANDO in Třinec or Prague.

Are you in on this with us?

Nehledáme lidi dle škatulek, naopak. Schopným lidem přizpůsobujeme pracovní pozici dle jejich talentu.

Experience in the field

17+ years

2 branches

Třinec, Prague

In the team we have

20+ experts

Common vision, common goals

Lidé představují naši největší hodnotu. Pracujeme jako kolegové v týmu, orientujeme se na kvalitu a výsledky, ne procesy a formality.

Otevřeně komunikujeme, pomáháme si a učíme se od expertů v oboru. Práce pro nás není jen zaměstnání.

Flexible working hours

Sick days

Home office


Contribution to Multisport

Education support

Air-conditioned offices

Coffee and fruits

Relax zone


4 free Fridays in summer extra

Christmas off

Přečtěte si rozhovor se zakladatelem EXPANDO Adamem Kurzokem, ve kterém popisuje, jak a proč formou svěřeneckého fondu dává lidem ve firmě desetiprocentní podíl.

Who are you going to work for?


We help online retailers expand on foreign markets. With our software and expertise, we increase turnover by offering products to customers all over the world.


We want to become a leader in a tech solution that automates online sales in global eCommerce.


always #INTERACT
share and #GROW
#INNOVATE wisely
enjoy the #FLOW