Selling on Alza

Sell your products on the largest Czech e-shop Alza.cz

Why should I sell on Alza.cz?

We have become partners of the international network of e-shops Alza.cz when connecting new sellers to the platform of the largest e-shop in the Czech Republic. With our app, you can conveniently manage your products and orders on the Alza marketplace.

Alza.cz is one of the phenomena of Czech e-commerce – its sales in 2019 increased by CZK 38 billion and a total of 37 million pieces of goods were sold.

185 million visits per year

Almost every 4th shopper in the Czech Republic is looking for goods on Alza.cz.

Good marketing

Alza will support your products through performance marketing on graders, newsletters, etc.

Sale events

Take advantage of events like Black Friday, Christmas, Easter and other seasonal marketing activities.

Trust in the top brand

Avoid lengthy and expensive investments in your brand, you can rely on the reputation of the Alza.cz brand.

24/7 support

Alza’s customer care is available 24/7.

2,000 supply points

Easily collect your products at over 2,000 supply points by Alza.cz.

Try the Shoptet supplement and offer products at the largest e-shop in the Czech Republic with a turnover of 38 billion euros. $1.

What we can do

Our EXPANDO APP application is used to connect e-shops and ERP systems to marketplaces. In cooperation with Alza.cz marketplace, we already offer automated connection to the largest Czech eshop.

In case of multiple orders, we also offer our own implementation-enabled APIs. For importing orders and synchronizing shipping or carriers, our integration partners can be used.


Enter into a Alza.cz with your company, supply the documents for listing, agree on a VO price and connect the EXPANDO APP.


We synchronize warehouses, orders, shipping labels, provide sales statistics. Everything in our administration.


It sells products, arranges transportation, bills sales and sends money.

Not sure whether to sell on Alza or Mall? We have prepared a comparison of these two e-commerce giants for you.

Input data (product informations)

To link to the Alza marketplace correctly, you need the following product information:


Unique code for a specific product.




The name of the product.


Price of the product (purchase price agreed with Alza).


Number of products in stock.

Can be used as a data source

Monthly price list of services

up to 50 orders

I'm interested
up to 200 orders

I'm interested
1 990,-
from 200 to 500 orders
if the number of orders +2 CZK obj.

I'm interested


We develop automated software that allows you to quickly sync products to marketplaces from any product feed (or Shoptet).

You can import all your orders back. Entering the Alza.cz has never been easier!

More about EXPANDO APP

How do I connect to Alza.cz marketplace?

You register for Marketplace.alza.cz, confirm the GTC and set up cooperation.
Provide the handouts for leafing through products.
You connect EXPANDO and Alza.cz it.
You offer and sell products on the largest eshop in the Czech Republic.
Find out more about expansion options on Alza.cz