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Why sell on Mall?

As experts in expansion through marketplaces and e-shops, we have established an exclusive partnership with the largest eCommerce group in Central Europe with sales of 20 billion crowns and the possibility to reach up to sixty million customers from six countries.

Thanks to our EXPANDO APP application, you can easily connect your e-shop and ERP system here. In addition to the enormous size of the market, you can also rely on the credibility of the brand. The costs compared to expansion in the form of a foreign e-shop are minimal.

What are the principles of partner sales?

Promotion of products

Mall.cz ensures product presentation and promotion and addresses customer support.

Issue of products

Mall.cz will display your products on their site in the appropriate category and promote them online and offline channels (Google, Heuréka, newsletter).


Customer call centre: 6am-10pm
Partner support: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Product information

As a partner, you provide product listing, pricing and operational matters.

Shipping goods

Ship your goods directly from your own warehouse. Logistics are provided by yourself.

Customer inquiries

You answer more professional customer questions and handle complaints mediated by Mall.cz.

Statistics speak for themselves

In addition to the enormous size of the market, you can also rely on the credibility of the Mall brand in individual markets. The costs compared to expansion in the form of a foreign e-shop are minimal.

You can try the demand and price level in the new market. In addition, the launch of sales is fast and you handle everything comfortably from the Czech Republic.

60 million customers

Reach customers from 6 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sale events

Take advantage of the events like Black Friday and other seasonal marketing activities.

24/7 support

The MALL customer support is available 24/7.

Good marketing

Support for your products in search engines, comparators, newsletters, etc.

Trust in the top brand

Don't invest costly in your brand, you can rely on the reputation of the MALL brand.

700+ supply points

You use the complete infrastructure for product collection at more than 700 MALL supply points.

Not sure whether to sell on Mall or Alza? We have prepared a comparison of these two e-commerce giants for you.

What do you need to sell on Mall?

You open an account on MALL.
You list products in MALL - XML feed, manually.
Register the EXPANDO APP and connect your MALL account.
You insert the availability feed into expando app.
You set up rules for importing orders, payments and shipping to your e-shop.
In case of expansion abroad, we will prepare a feed with translations of your products.
Find out more about expansion on Mall

Products listing

On the Mall, you flip products manually, via API or XML feed. If you have products listed via Heureka feed, you are limited by the properties of this feed when you sell them.

On request, we will create a Mall xml feedso that you can reach the full potential of your products!

What data source can be used?

Price list

39 EUR
up to 200 orders
*price for 1 month

I'm interested
78 EUR
up to 500 orders
*price for 1 month

I'm interested
78 EUR
over 500 orders
if the number of orders +2 CZK obj.
*price for 1 month

I'm interested
Try Shoptet add-on and sync orders from MALL Partner to your e-shop.

Where are you going to expand to?

With mall you can easily expand to other countries of Europe - Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland or Croatia. All you need is quality translations of theproducts we will be happy to prepare for you.

Mall as the start of expansion

With EXPANDO APP you can build your own foreign e-shop or expand to the marketplace. We can help you step by step.