Sell on Kaufland.de

Sell on one of the largest marketplaces in Germany

Easy start on a new marketplace

You sell on Amazon.de? In that case, there is nothing easier than connecting with us to Kaufland.de - a new marketplace where you are able to generate 10-20% of Amazon's turnover.

Why sell on Kaufland.de?

European giant

Kaufland.de belongs to Kaufland which has 1.300 stores in 8 countries

Simple start

Entering the marketplace is simple (compared to Amazon).

32 million visitors

More than 32 Kaufland.de visitors see the site every month

Product catalog

Kaufland.de has its own product catalog, so with EXPANDO APP we are able to pair products through EAN.

Customer support

We have customer support processes and return addresses in place.

Connect to EXPANDO APP

EXPANDO APP can download and confirm orders.

Multichannel marketing

Multi-channel marketing tools included (SEO, SEA, price comparison sites, social media, customer brochures).

Payment methods

All relevant payment methods included.

Fair conditions

Kaufland.de offers transparent conditions and does not require a contractual period.

Characteristics of Kaufland.de


Paying money is as soon as 14 days, like on Amazon.


The fees are 7- 12.5% of the finally price including VAT and transport.

Expand beyond borders

Can be sent to up to 30 countries.

Strong categories

House, garden & décor, electro, sport and DIY.

Categories on the rise

Fashion and cosmetics.

Pay per click

The average ACoS on ppc campaigns is 7.5% - on Amazon it is about 22%.

Kaufland.de - the marketplace that boosts your business!

Kaufland.de is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in Germany. The marketplace combines concentrated trading power with state-of-the-art platform technology. With around 32 million monthly online visitors and 1,300 shops in 8 countries, Kaufland.de offers high brand awareness both online and offline, ensuring optimal reach for your offers.

Sell your products on Kaufland.de and benefit from the numerous advantages the Kaufland.de marketplace offers you.

What do I need to sell and open an account?

Photo or scan of the identity card of all business owners (from both sides).
Extract from the trade register.
Link to eshop or sales account if you have one.
Proof of relations with shareholders (list of shareholders or shareholder agreement). Here you will find a pattern.
Find out how to expand to Kaufland.de

You won't pay us anything in advance

Start sales

19 000 Kč. Fakturaci po dosažení obratu děláme pouze našim klientům a nebo dle domluvy.

EXPANDO clients

EXPANDO clients do not have to pay EUR 39 for account management for 3 months.

EXPANDO support

We will help you open an account.

Set up an account

Set up sales account, logistics, and customer support.


Pairing your products.

Manage your account

Monthly administration according to individual agreement.

Price list

One-time start
745 EUR
give us the necessary documents, product data and we will take care of everything

I'm interested
78 EUR
+ 0.9% transaction fee
manage your account clearly in our app

I'm interested
Complete management
from 230 EUR
+ 3% of turnover
includes EXPANDO APP, expert services and customer support*

I'm interested

Requirements for sales on Kaufland.de


Ensure availability during business hours.

Communication in NJ

Ensuring communication with customer service in German, at least in writing.

Product translation

Product description translated into German (if no longer on the market).

EAN code

Official EAN codes (GTIN) for all products.

Return and delivery to DE

Ability to deliver products to Germany and handle any returns.

Documents needed to register

natural person

Identity card of the company representative, business license, German tax identification number

S.R.O., V.O.S., K.S., A.S.

Identity card of the company representative, extract from the Commercial Register, German TAX ID, details and proof of the real owner

Specific fees