Selling with eMag

Sell your products on the eMag Marketplace

Why sell via eMag?

Do you know eMag? It is the largest e-shop in Hungary and Romania, which has raised $200 million to dominate European eCommerce.

This pike from Romania is well-tinged and invests mainly in a well-functioning marketplace system, which involves over twenty thousand e-shops and their number is growing.

We offer products to these countries through eMag

Statistics speak for themselves on eMag

Easy access to marketplace

Compared to Amazon, entering eMag is very simple.

Promised lands

Romania and Hungary are countries where the czech retailers are doing well.

New customers

500,000 unique customers can soon choose from a range of your products.

CZK 30 billion

Goods for more than 1 billion EUR are sold through eMag every year.

eMag catalog

eMag has its own catalog, so you only pair part of the products with EXPANDO APP.

Verify competitiveness

Rely on eMag and try a new market without having to build an e-shop there.

What do you need to sell on eMag?

XML feed containing SKU, warehouse and product prices.
Product data in Shoptet or any other e-shop with export.
Account based on eMag.ro. Here you can download our tutorial.
Find out the possibilities of expansion on eMag

With EXPANDO APP you can also go to other marketplaces

With EXPANDO APP you can build your own foreign e-shop or expand to the marketplace. We can help you step by step.