Sell on Amazon

Expand to the largest e-shop in the world!

We will teach you Amazon

Amazon is a global marketplace open to any retailer in the world. In Western countries, this is the first place where customers search for and buy products. Thanks to the product catalog, sales on Amazon are easy for most retailers. Just connect to existing products using EAN, similar way that Heureka does.

Thanks to our EXPANDO APP, you can easily connect your e-shop and ERP system here. The cost of selling on Amazon is minimal compared to expansion in the form of a foreign e-shop. Moreover, the launch of sales on Amazon is fast and everything is handled comfortably from the Czech Republic.

You want to start? We offer training of 2-3 hours tailored to the product, category and your expectations.

How can we help you?

Try Shoptet add-on and offer products to 300 million Amazon customers in just a few days. You don't need another e-shop or translation.

Who is Amazon for?

I am an e-shop

I sell many products of different brands. My products are in stock and can be delivered quickly to customers. I have official EAN codes from the manufacturer for my products.

I'm a brand

I am a manufacturer or distributor of a brand that is not listed in the Amazon catalog. We set up product marketing, get reviews and ensure their sales.

Price list

One-time start
1 137 EUR
give us the necessary documents, product data and we will take care of everything

I'm interested
78 EUR
+ 0.9% transaction fee
manage your account clearly in our app

I'm interested
Complete management
from 230 EUR
+ 3% of turnover
I'm interested

* for a small number of products (1-10) use sales through our FBA account

Why is it worth to try Amazon?

Fast and easy

You will receive your first orders within a few days after opening an account.

Without high costs

You will receive your first orders within a few days after opening an account.

Validation of another expansion

You will test what it means to sell abroad.

The future of e-commerce

Amazon occupies tens of% of the marketshare in the countries concerned, and the share continues to grow. Be where your customers are (and will be).

Just register

With one registration, you can sell already in 7 language mutations and ship worldwide.

No translation necessary

Thanks to the huge catalog for most sellers, translations are falling off and they can "connect" to already created products.

Did they block your account? Leave it to us, we speak Amazon in the language 😎

What do I need to sell on Amazon?

Products with EAN code from the manufacturer that are already in the Amazon catalog.
Product data in Shoptet or any other e-shop with export.
Created Amazon account ( Click here to download our tutorial)
Arranged transport - at least to Germany, including tracking.
Find out more about expansion on Amazon

Amazon as the start of expansion

With EXPANDO APP you can build your own foreign e-shop or expand to the marketplace. We can help you step by step.

📦 we will help you deliver the package to the customer and abroad in a timely and fast manner. In case of return, we will provide a local address.