Mall marketplace vs. Alza marketplace

On which Czech marketplace should you sell?

In addition to Amazon, regional players have been expanding their platforms to third-party retailers or expanding their offerings with existing suppliers. EXPANDO is an exclusive partner of both Mall and Alza for quick integration of warehouses, prices and orders, including label printing.

Are you hesitant about which marketplace to start with? Below we bring a short comparison to help you choose the right strategy. Of course, there are also sellers who sell on both.

Alza marketplace

Sellers register via the online form, then portfolio expert Alza arranges with them listing of the assortment and basic technical details of cooperation.

Orders and logistics data about products are managed using apIsthat can be implemented directly into your own system, or use the EXPANDO APP or Shoptet add-on.

The sale price is fully under the direction of Alza, which sets it according to the current market situation. The seller then invoices Alze for pre-agreed purchase prices.

The marketplace system is open to all merchants, including manufacturers, distributors and e-shops.

Alza offers the sellers its own transport, including communication with the carrier, when they only need to print out a pre-prepared label and collection sheet. However, they can also use their own carriers and Alza then provides pre-agreed compensation for these services.

Invoicing takes place via EDI (Electronic System for Financial Document Management), which the supplier can implement into the system or use the Grit web portal.

When purchasing, the customer does not know that alza does not sell the goods, so the seller can use the strength of his brand. The advantage is also the integration into alza after-sales service (i.e. settlement of complaints and call centre services).

At the moment it is possible to sell in this way on Alga inthe Czech Republic, but in the view there are other countries where Alza operates.

Mall marketplace

Sellers will reregistante themselves in the Mall Partner portal and conclude a contract.

The partner performs product uploads using a partner portal, can use an XML feed (Hereka, Mall) or API. Mall only approves and manages categories.

Orders, they come to the partner portal, but you can use shoptet add-on or connect further with the help of API or EXPANDO APP.

The price of the products is determined by the seller and the Mall charges a commission by category (from 8 to 25 percent).

The preferred mode of transport is Stored ,but the Partner can also use its carriers.

It is up-to-date stock, prices and orders to be delivered to the seller (via partner interface, EXPANDO APP or API).

On the Mall, sellers upload rather a larger number of products and entire categories.

The invoice is obtained directly from the Mall and is calculated once a month with the partner (earned payments vs. brokered cash on delivery). When purchasing , thecustomer sees that the goods are supplied by someone other than Mall, and for some products there is already the possibility to choose who will deliver the product.

Mall allows partners to use other parts of their infrastructure such as Mall Pay, Stored or Advertising on Mall TV.

At the moment, it can be sold in this way on the Mall in theCzech Republic in Slovakia , Hungary or Slovenia.