Integration on Amazon, Alza, Mall, eMag and Kaufland

Do you want to expand simply on marketplaces?

EXPANDO APP is a web application developed to simplify the expansion of marketplaces such as Alza, Mall, Amazon or eMag by smart integrations into accounting, logisit or eshop platforms.

This makes it easy to connect to marketplaces for small, medium and large e-shops, retailers, distributors and brandies.

We will help you deliver the package to the customer and abroad in a timely and fast manner. In case of return, we will provide a local address. 📦

Further integration

XML feed
We will generate an online .xml feed with orders.
Thanks to API communication, you automate all manual tasks.
Insert and updatate products and download orders using . CSV.
A service that no longer makes you have to devote to storage and logistics.
Versino helps you increase the performance and competitiveness of your business.
Money ERP (Solitea)
Money ERP is a system for managing SMEs.
JAPO transport
JAPO transport is a carrier for shipments to (not only) Western Europe.
BHIT (Well-being)
BHIT is engaged in the sale of the POHODA economic system and its implementation.
Dativery (ABRA, FlexiBee, Pohoda)
DATIVERY enables quick integration of EXPANDO APP with E-shops and SW accountants.
BSSHOP is a tool for internet trading connected to IS well-being.
XEMEL is a simple tool for editing xml feeds.
Shoptet will make it easiest to connect your eshop with EXPANDO APP.
Prestashop is one of the most famous eshop platforms.
Catalogue of services and tools for the operation of your online store.
FastCentrik contains everything you will need as e-shoppers.
WPJ designs complete web solutions for large and small businesses.