Individual consultation for companies

The first steps on Amazon under the guidance of experienced sellers. Intensely and purposefully.

Did you know that only 30% of sellers actually manage to start selling on Amazon in the long run?

We offer individual consultations purely for your company, focused on your specific product!

Suitable for retailers who start a business on Amazon and need to get an overview of the complexity of sales - product listing, logistics, marketing, fees, data integration, customer service, as well as the administrative and legal aspects applicable to Amazon. We also offer this within Amazon to the USA.

The consultation will be led by David Gypsy.

Who are the consultations for?

For BRAND with its own unique product

Are you coming to the market with your own, new product? Global marketplaces have their specifics and  require an individual approach to each category and each product in order to be successfull.

For SELLER with thousands of products for a good price

Wholesale, e-shop, seller of anything that the marketplace catalog is familiar with. We can connect your range of goods with the offer that already exists on a given market. No need for translations, photographs or labels. All in just a few minutes.

Main advantages of consultations

Intensive knowledge in a single day

Choose your strategy as soon as possible, saving unnecessary investment and time.

Know-how of a successful Amazon sellers

The best-selling products are those whose dealers have fully understood the complexity of Amazon.

Don't repeat other people's mistakes

The best-selling products are those whose dealers have fully understood the complexity of Amazon.

Tips for a long-term success

We will suggest what you can get from Amazon in the long run, what strategies to use in the next steps.

The consultation is tailor-made

We will focus exclusively on your products including preparation and summary.

What do we need from you before we start?

Introduce yourself

To correctly choose a strategy, we need to know you in detail about the product or sales category.

Situation in your company

Tell us who your customer is and how you sell channels today.

Your expectations

Do you want to increase turnover or brand awareness? Is profit or turnover important to you? Introduce us to your expectations.

What are you going to find out?

Does your product have a potential on Amazon?

How to create a sales account, what to avoid.

How do logistics and returns work?

Basic promo options on Amazon.

Amazon fees.

Detailed report and a list of further steps from you and us.

Delivery of your first shipment to an Amazon warehouse (FBA)

We will find out what the competition's sales are.

We'll create a well-optimized listing for your product together.

Customer communication that boosts sales and gets reviews.

Branding - increasing the value of the brand within the Amazon catalog.

What to look out for, blind spots where sellers most often fail

Numbers speak for themselves

The first step matters

Intensive consultation for companies dedicated only to your products, including preparation and summary.

Time: 120 - 180 minutes
Location: Havlíčkova 13, Prague 1 (or video call online)

Price of consultation

379 EUR excluding VAT
I want a consult from Expando


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According to the procedure from you, I got to listing and successfully save the basic status.

Marie Bubnová

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AK 1324

"Thank you very much for the presentation, I am glad that it worked out this way, you can see that I have turned to the right person who could have helped us in this 😊. I look forward to further cooperation."

Tomáš Matuška

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Thank you again for Friday's very rewarding workshop.

Martin Šolc

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Thank you for your time and pleasant workshop.

Jan Toncar