Blocking on Amazon

Leave it to us, we speak Amazon language (although it is not always easy to understand it) 😎

We understand blocking

The advanced process automation on Amazon that helps sell more and more and is moving Amazon forward has its downsides. Every minute, Amazon registers 2 new retailers, which is why you solve your requirements through an automated environment in any problem.

Even banal, seemingly simple requirements or deviations can take an unnecessarily long time in the absence of experience.

What can we help you with?

"AT RISK" - prevention of blocking

When you warn "AT RISK" you have 72 hours to react, with a good and detailed explanation to prevent blocking and you can sell non-stop!

Product blocking (ASIN BLOCK) or categories

Some categories (such as health &beauty) are restricted and require permission. So did the sale of certain brands (Adidas, Nike, Hugo Boss). Amazon may also want permission to sell your unique product that contains a battery or needs to be checked in some way (for example, kitchen knives).

Blocking Amazon account

Your sales account may be blocked before the sales start itself or even after several months of successful sales. Customer feedback, a large number of canceled orders, insufficient Account Health, or other unfulfilled Amazon terms affect account blocking.  A possible reason for the blocking may also be the large volume of sales within a short period of time.

An exception are not even account suspensions for bizarre reasons such as related accounts or attempted fraud (suspicious change of bank account).

What will the procedure be and how much does it cost?

We will find out the maximum information from you

We'll decide if we can help you. Let's face it, we're not going headlong into all the blockages. Amazon always has the last word.

We take the risk, you pay us only when the problem is solved.

We'll agree on a price. We play fair, i.e. we only go into those blockings where we are sure.

The price depends on the complexity of the problem. Most unblocks cost around €1000. Contact us for an individual offer.

We will describe what kind of blocking it is and our estimate of when the account will run.

We take over the account and all communication in the sales account. We will do our best to unblock the account incl. writing completely individual recalls, calls with Amazon support and more.

Most of the blocking is resolved within a few weeks and we can give you an active account.

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