Dynamic pricing on Amazon

What can Autopricer do?

Increase price - AUTOPRICER evaluates and increases the price several times per hour. If you are the cheapest or are in the Buy Box, our software will look at the next more expensive one in order and increase your selling price to be as close to it as possible without losing the Buy Box.

Lower price - In the same way, the software dynamically lowers prices so that your product is in the Buy Box. The price reduced to the Buy Box is then actively linked to the second cheapest offer again, and AUTOPRICER maximizes profit without being unnecessarily cheap.

How does Autopricer work?

If you're selling a product that's offered by multiple retailers, there's an auction where the buy box seller wins. Amazon can no longer be considered purely an e-shop, but rather a dynamic product exchange, where the offer and prices of products are constantly changing.

Therefore, we have developed a unique feature that can change prices depending on the competition with real-time data.

Your sale price (1) is lower than the second cheapest (2), EXPANDO APP increases the price up to €24.78 (3). If the product is sold, you will earn an extra €3!

Why be unnecessarily cheapest? Regular downloading of competition's prices allows us to use advanced algorithms, thanks to which you can sell your products with the highest possible margin.

Our record increase brought the seller 120 EUR on a single product!Read our CASE STUDY WITH AUTOPRICER

EXPANDO APP also allows you to:

You can evaluate the results of AUTOPRICER thanks to detailed reporting.

Label products which are supposed to go to AUTOPRICER..
Establish a range for price increases and decreases.
Filter products in the Buy Box.
Export competitor's prices (CSV).
Monitor weekly changes in turnover.

With EXPANDO APP you can sell more!

To use AUTOPRICER, you must have an Amazon account and use the EXPANDO APP software. If you are starting to expand, get advice from our experts or have your products analyzed (with EANs).

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