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Find out in advance how your products stand on Amazon

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How are your products?

Amazon is a global marketplace open to any retailer in the world. If your products already appear on the Amazon.de, we can tell you how many we pair, at what prices they are sold, and who sells them.

In order to perform the most accurate analysis, we need to know the parameters you use in the feed.

What will be the output of the analysis?

The output of the analysis will be an overall report of several pages (depending on how many products are analyzed). You will see all the data at the level of the given products, the number and prices of the competition.

For each of your products we'll find out whether the Amazon catalog already knows them, how many sellers are there, what the shipping price is, at what prices it's sold, and compare it to your feed price. This gives us a detailed picture of where you stand.

Your prices are comparable to your competitors

We'll show you what products you're competitive with. Even if you're not the cheapest, you're still not the most expensive. We can help you make better sales.

You are the cheapest or the only seller

We will point out which of your products are the cheapest or which you sell as the only seller, all compared to the competition. As a percentage, you will see how far you can move with the price.

The price of the competition is lower than yours

We will show you which of your products are the most expensive, but do not despair - we have tools that allow you to automatically optimize the price so that your products can start selling themselves.

Interested in Amazon analytics?

Overall analysis

Just send us any XML feed, we will take care of everything else.

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