Amazon experts

Complete management and development of your sales

Why use the services of Amazon experts?

Selling on Amazon brings a variety of pitfalls, and it's likely that you may need the advice or help of someone more experienced from time to time. Since we sell successfully ourselves, we have experienced almost everything that awaits you on Amazon. By entering Amazon, everything just begins, don't be a seller waiting to see what happens.

Hand over your account to Amazon experts, who generate tens of thousands of obj every day. for hundreds of vendors like you. You don't have to internally employ or train a new person on Amazon.

In addition to warehouse and order synchronization software, we offer active account work with the help of our experts. The service is suitable for larger companies (thousands of products) or unique products that are able to invest at least 3 900 EUR in advertising on Amazon.

How much will it cost? We offer these services as a full service within the monthly fee + success fee from sales or autopricer. Write to us about the individual offer!

How does it work? 

We'll take over your sales account

We will help to create or take already created account into our administration, including our Amazon expert.

Agree on a strategy

Together we'll set goals and ways to achieve them, including budgets and gradually expanding sales.

Connect the data

We set up warehouse sychronization, prices and try linking orders including tracking numbers.

Start working together

From the first order, we try to increase turnover with advanced features such as dynamic prices.

Sales report

We regularly discuss sales results and update our goals according to current opportunities and development.

Developing new channels

According to your pace, we offer other expansion options either with e-shop or another marketplace.

What are we going to help you with?

We list new products for you

We list your products in all Amazon catalogs . We can translate them, we'll take care of their complete optimization so they have a chance to assert themselves.

We will prom your products

Just flipping into the catalog isn't enough. Thanks to our knowledge of how Amazon works, we take care of the effective promo of your products, including profit reviews, dynamic prices, but also advanced branding - storefront, EBC, etc.

We help with logistics

We set up logistics from your warehouse directly to customers. If you do not have a suitable carrier abroad, we will be happy to recommend them to you. In the case of the FBA, we will help with the take to Amazon warehouses.


For registered brands, we help with brand registry, then graphic promo brand Storefront and A+content, thanks to which we can increase conversion sales of your products.  It also manages your branded PPC ads.  


We get you positive reviews because we understand their importance on Amazon. We will help you eliminate or even delete unauthorized negative reviews and thus help your products in marketability.

(from)blocking and verification

Verification or blocking of a product or account may come at any time. We help you keep good account metrics. If anything is blocked, we will immediately communicate with Amazon and resolve the situation for you.

First step? Our individual consultations specifically for your company and products

Amazon experts pay off

Know-how since 2016

We started with Amazon first and today we manage about 150 active accounts.

Amazon experts

We are the only Amazon SPN agency and we cooperate directly with Amazon accounts.

Complete outsorucing

Your employees don't have to learn Amazon expensively, working with us will use your potential faster.